Amos-Harricana, a hymn to nature where the purity of water meets the audacity of the founders who made, who make and who will make the strength of the territory.

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Amos-Harricana is a unique place, which beats to the rhythm of the seasons, in the beautiful and great region of Abitibi-Témiscamingue. To live in it is to get in touch with a welcoming community that will open wide the doors of access to quality of life. Because our world is changing, this is your opportunity to live far from the stress and to reconnect with what truly matters, without frills. To feel truly alive. That is why Amos-Harricana is there. For you.

As Many Trees as Possibilities.

A 7,863 km2 playground, tourist attractions where the greatness of man meets the vastness of the boreal nature, a proud population that is mobilized to create great events, one of the purest waters in the world, a tight-knit community, great life-work balance being only 5 min away from your workplace, programs of excellence in education and sport-study recognized throughout Quebec, sustainable jobs, a flourishing economy that allow a unique collective and individual wealth in Quebec… Here are some of the many benefits Amos-Harricana has to offer.


The quality of life and the many opportunities offered by Amos-Harricana make this area an ideal place for the most avid explorers. This need to explore and push our limits, to live every moment fully – it is in each one of us. Welcome home!

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Your Future Neighbors

Yes, here we have a vast playground. Yes, the air here is a bit purer than elsewhere. But our real added value is our people! Welcoming, warm, authentic: these are all common denominators that characterize us. Our roots are deeply rooted in this land that saw the birth of our ancestors’ great dream of freedom. The residents of Amos-Harricana are convinced that this is the best place for a life project. From their hearts to yours, some wish to share with you a piece of their story… So, do you want to come and take root here?

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Even if a picture is worth a thousand words, there is no doubt that visiting our part of the country will make you dream with its great landscapes, the purity of its nature and its water.

Sébastien D’Astous Mayor of Amos and Prefect of the MRC of Abitibi

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