A 7,863 km2 playground

© Mathieu Dupuis

Strengthened by its territory

Amos-Harricana represents a unique place in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, flourishing with the strength of nature’s elements, its safe living environment, and its dynamic community focused on sports and culture. Its philosophy of life, built on the current of the Harricana River, makes it possible to disconnect from work at a 5-minute drive: rare are the places that will allow you to paddle board on your lunch break!

Need space?
Our rural municipalities have acres of land to offer for a garden spot or simply to live the full nature experience.

Here, everything is present in abundance: resources, jobs, opportunities… Therefore Amos-Harricana advocates the best practices of sustainable development, always ensuring the valorization of an economic and environmental ecosystem, where the human being is put first. Our 100 years of history leave room for innovation and still make Abitibi the land of builders and pioneers.

Its dry climate makes for nice and bearable summer heats and winters that allow to practice winter sports in the best conditions. Far from the big centers, you say? We will tell you that every day is an opportunity to go on a road trip…

© Mathieu Dupuis