Here are the most common questions we receive:

© Mathieu Dupuis

I have a job that is done entirely from home (teleworking), so I need an incredibly good internet connection! Is there an internet service available in your territory?

Yes, high speed Internet service is available in many municipalities of our MRC! You can continue your teleworking without any problems.

Do you have access to all health services?

Absolutely, we have the Hôtel-Dieu d'Amos hospital as well as the CLSC for public health services. There are also several private clinics.

Do you have access to all education services?

Certainly, we are fortunate to have access to all levels of education in our territory! Your children will have the opportunity to study from preschool to doctorate level on the territory of Amos-Harricana.

I would like to settle in the territory of Amos-Harricana, but it's far from everything, right?

It's all about perspective! Yes, Amos-Harricana is in a region that is "far" from the major centers of the province, but don't worry, all the essential services for a very good quality of life are available on the territory! And for those who wish to go shopping in the big centers, it can be done within a weekend by making a road trip out of it! We are a 7-hour drive from Montreal, 5.5 hours from Gatineau/Ottawa and about 1.5 hours from the Ontario border. In the region, we are about an hour away from each of the central cities.

Amos-Harricana is up north, and the temperature there worries me. It's always cold there, right?

As everywhere in Quebec, we are lucky to have 4 seasons! So, yes, it's cold in winter, but it's hot in summer! You know the saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes?! The difference is that here we are lucky to have a rather dry climate compared to many other regions of Quebec: therefore, winter feels less cold. We also have a lot of snow, which allows us to appreciate winter to the fullest by having the opportunity to ski, snowshoe, snowmobile... Did you know that Amos-Harricana is at the same latitude as Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean and Paris? Also, a fact not to be overlooked, during the summer solstice, it is light until almost 10 PM!

The Amos-Harricana territory interests me, but I'm a dynamic person and I'm afraid I will have nothing to do in your region!

If there is one place where anything is possible for a dynamic person, it is here! In short, a whole range of activities is offered to the population:

Festivals, sports facilities for both team and individual sports, museums, a wildlife refuge, hundreds of miles of forest and water playgrounds, and much more!  

And if you don't find an activity or an event to your liking, you always have the possibility to create it! 

I have a job interview with an employer in your territory and I am from outside the region, can you help me?

Yes! The MRAR, a non-profit organization, offers several services for people who want to work and settle in our region! By contacting them, you could benefit from a personalized accompaniment service such as an exploratory stay, free of charge*! 

* COVID-19: Accompaniment services are still available, but a little different during COVID-19. The exploratory stays are done in a virtual way. Contact the MRAR for more information at 819 732-8739.

I am moving soon for a job in your area, my spouse would also like to make the big move, can you support him in his job search?

Of course! The MRAR, a non-profit organization, not only offers accompaniment services for people who have already found a job, but also offers support in the job search for spouses. Anyone who wants to work in Amos-Harricana has access to this service! 

I want to take the plunge and move to your area, but I don't know anyone in your region and I'm afraid of feeling lonely.

Worrying about loneliness is quite normal when changing environments, but one of the advantages of our region is that many things are in place to avoid isolation! With our small community and our big-hearted people, Amos-Harricana will welcome you with a smile! There are several integration and networking activities offered for newcomers, among others, by the MRAR. The best way to meet new people is to volunteer at events that interest you and you will meet many people who share the same interest as you!

Otherwise, just by going for a walk downtown, you'll get lots of smiles and greetings as you pass!

I heard that black flies and mosquitoes are huge and in large quantities where you are, is this true?

There are no more mosquitoes or black flies here than elsewhere in Quebec. If you can't do without nature, dress appropriately and don't go without mosquito repellent. Pssst...June to July is the time when there are the most mosquitoes. Obviously, if you want to avoid these flying insects, have fun in our urban areas during this period!

If you haven’t found the answers to your questions, do not hesitate to contact us!