21 May 2021

10 reasons to migrate to Amos-Harricana territory


© Mathieu Dupuis

Here are the 10 arguments that we hope will convince you:

1. Accessibility to nature

Here, nature is everywhere, raw and enveloping. It offers us the possibility of a wide range of activities over 4 seasons. Organizing a hiking, skiing or snowshoeing trip is no longer a weekend affair because in Abitibi, all this playground is within reach, just a few steps from home. This generous nature will even allow you to have your own garden in your backyard.

2. Purity of air and water

The territory of Amos-Harricana is covered with 75% of trees. Naturally, the air here is a bit purer than elsewhere. In the current pandemic, people need space to finally breathe; they might as well breathe the clean northern air! But rest assured, this is not the great north! The dry climate allows us to have 4 seasons that allow us to fully enjoy this beautiful nature! Oops, I’m straying from the subject…! Did you know that we have some of the purest water on the planet? In 2001, Amos water was named the best water in the world in an international competition. Low in minerals and with an excellent Ph, our water is almost in perfect balance.

3. Less stressful pace of life

The nature that surrounds us undoubtedly has a calming effect on the stress levels of Abitibians! If you drive for a long distance to get to work, it’s because you have decided to live in the country or on the waterfront because there is no traffic here. No more hours wasted in the car or on public transportation. Here, we use this precious time to spend with our family or to enjoy our leisure activities! This allows us to access a more balanced life and of course, to be a little more zen.

4. Safe living environment

Here, we don’t lock our doors! Well, it’s probably not the best idea to shout it out loud but the point is that on the territory of Amos-Harricana, we really feel safe in our streets. We are a small, very family-oriented environment. The feeling of trust here is strong.

5. Job and career opportunities

The economy is flourishing on the territory of Amos-Harricana. It is characterized by mining and forestry economic engines that provide stability to the job market. No matter what industry you are in, here you can move up quickly! Your know-how and resourcefulness will be recognized if you have ambitious career goals. You will be given responsibilities that might otherwise have taken you years to reach in larger centers.

6. Sport-study and university research programs

The educational pole in Amos represents an undeniable leadership in Quebec. The sport-study programs, offered at the high school level, allow our youth to combine their passion with their studies and encourage them to stay in school. As for the research programs, the Amos campus of the Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue houses highly specialized laboratories in the fields of hydrogeology, forestry, aquatic ecology, silviculture and plant ecophysiology.

7. Harricana river

The Harricana River literally runs through downtown Amos. Several municipalities in the MRC also have direct access. Thus, it colors our way of life since it gives us access to the possibility of living along the river (yes, it is a river!) and to a multitude of activities within a few minutes of work (paddlebord, kayak, fishing, pontoon ride, swimming, etc.) With its 170 kilometers of waterway, the most courageous will be able to leave on an expedition, by canoe or kayak, which will lead them to James Bay.

8. The big ideas of its inhabitants

The people of Amos-Harricana have big ideas and rarely leave things half done! This allows you to access to a hyper dynamic environment that mobilizes easily. There are many examples that support the strength of character of this community of less than 25,000 inhabitants, such as the scale of the Cathédrale Sainte-Thérèse d’Avila  and large-scale events such as the Symposium en arts visuels and the organization of two provincial finals of the Jeux du Québec.

9. Human warmth

Living in the region means access to communities that are full of caring for one another. On the territory of Amos-Harricana, this takes all its meaning. If you are about to make a change in your life, you may have many concerns about whether you will be able to integrate easily into your new environment, develop a network of contacts, etc. People here are friendly and care about each other. Your only responsibility is to take a small step to do one or two activities to meet people and you’ll see; you’ll be adopted right away!

10. The reconnection to one’s true nature

All the above elements are in fact the winning recipe that Amos-Harricana has to serve you to access a reconnection to oneself. Because life flies, we often forget to check if all the elements that allow us to reach our happiness are there. The territory offers you the opportunity to reconnect with your true nature by taking the time to live in an environment where quality of life is our primary concern. A place where you can realize your full potential, because here you feel alive.