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The observation tower offers extraordinary panoramic views. From 20 meters up, you will see the breathtaking landscapes below, whatever the season.

Culturally eco-friendly Preissac offers you the 1.6 km Roche du Millennium Trail. At its highest point sits The Rock, a 250 tonne boulder thatwas dragged and deposited when a glacier melted.

The rapids bridges, accessible to all,provides an enchanting walk alongside the joyous sounds of flowing, luminous blue water. Benches invite you to rest while recharging your smartphone or other
electronic accessories.

In and adjacent to Le sentier de la roche, mountain bike trails have been set up over more than ten kilometers, accessible in both summer and winter. At the bottom of the Observation Tower, mountain bikes are available for free.

Artistic fountain : Aqua Terra
Near the Passerelle des Rapides is a magnificent fountain designed by Mr. Denis Michaud, a local artist, which represents our territory : the thousand-year-old rocks of our trails, the water and the mining sector. The neighboring parking lot has a charging station for electric cars.


Opening periods :
Open year round